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@chiino_ interviews the team behind @cvstleblvck Follow the link in their BIOS 👀

@chiino_ interviews the team behind @cvstleblvck Follow the link in their BIOS 👀

Death of the American Dream

Patriotism in American has dwindled significantly over the course of the last century. Despite the ambitious propaganda put forth by Fox our generation has not been swayed. Youth is still reluctant to Pledge their Allegiance every morning. Teens still tag their hate for pigs throughout dark lit streets. Young adults still wish they lived on the other side of the shores where freedom is NOT defined by the contents of their bank account.

As a young adult in America I find myself disconnected from my country, my state, and my city. My politics are questionable for the simple fact that I lack them, although I am a fierce debater. I am the farthest from the right and even farther from the left. I wouldn’t say I care less despite my behavior. The best way to define my position in this world is as a dreamer.

What could a drifter dream of ?

Many things. I live in the past and hope for that future. That land of the free our forefathers drafted for us. Where we live amongst one another as brethren despite our Nation’s false start. The ambiguous definition our forefathers provided us with was an open window to instill humanity on this Earth. It unfortunately seems that people have forgotten this.

No longer are our streets occupied with the foot steps of marchers at the breathe of unconstitutional legislature. People stand idly by as the government builds up a fortress of social ramifications. Basking in the bitter bliss of ignorance as they survive on the bare minimum.

The bare minimum ?

Yes. The dreams of financial stability and ownership of a home are lost in the Golden Age of our ancestors. The free ride of credit limits and layaway have bound us to a future with no growth. A future with no independence. A future with no hope. For what hope could one have with a debt that cannot be paid off for 40 years and a salary that will only increase by 00.05% annually ? !

None, but what could a 23 year-old gypsy know of debt, politics, and demise ? Nothing of course, at least one would hope. At least that is what you will tell yourself when you read this and you’re over the age of 25, done with school, and working on a salary that is quite comforting.

But you are not safe.

The moment will come when you realize that your secret ambitions could have been within reach. That those who fight with everything they’ve got do not do so on a whim. They do it to go down in history NOT as the founders of a period of enlightenment. They do it NOT to be remembered as the lost heroes of a confused commune. They do it to OPEN your eyes to that window of opportunity our forefathers left us long ago.

A window which are afraid to look out of because we have grown comfortable with the shelter of ignorance. We must look now before it gets boarded shut. Look at our green pastures, our snow capped peaks, deep blue lakes and dusted deserts and remember the blood that was shed for that privilege. Remember that sweet honor that once filled the air when those people saw past their differences and fought for their freedom as one.

The team and little ol me 😊 Follow le @cvstleblvck

The team and little ol me 😊 Follow le @cvstleblvck



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